My priorities include:

o Fixing our town water issues

o Expanding our school safety programs

o Preserving land for wildlife

o Building a dog park

o Creating a public bank

o Drastically expanding renewable energy

o Expanding our business tax base

o Reforming our trash and recycling programs

o Implementing term limits

o Implementing rank choice voting 

o Increasing voter turnout in our elections

o Requiring town-issued ID badges for anyone knocking on doors

o Helping preserve historical structures

I don’t want to simply improve Shrewsbury, I want to work with all of you to transform Shrewsbury into a shining example of how a wonderful community is managed. I happen to believe that the status quo is no longer acceptable in our great little town so I think it is time to raise the bar. After knocking on more than 500 doors across town and making hundreds of phone calls (so far) during this election cycle, I’ve learned so much about resident's concerns, values, and ideas. My platform reflects those concerns and values. 

Our residents aren’t asking for the moon and the sky. We simply want clean, drinkable water, clean energy that is more affordable than oil and gas, and a trash & recycling system that works better for our residents. Shrewsbury already has one of the best school systems in the entire country and there’s no reason that we can’t have the safest public-school system in the country as well. We also want to eradicate bullying in our schools. We’ve made a lot of progress but we’re not quite there yet. 

We want a dog park in Shrewsbury, so we literally don’t have to drive to another community just to allow our canine family members to run without being on their leashes. We want to make  voting hassle-free. We want to have 100% trust in our voting system, and we want to increase the turnout in our local, state, and federal elections. We want to ensure that there’s more of a balance between development and preserving enough land for us to live in harmony with our vulnerable wildlife. We can accomplish all these goals and I have ideas on how to keep the costs low for these proposals. If you’d like to read more detailed information about my proposals, please text, email, or message me and I’d be happy to provide you with the long version.