· Shrewsbury Town Meeting Member

· Worcester Pride Committee Member

· Kindness Coalition Member

· Lead Administrator of the  Shrewsbury Community Forum 

· Lifelong Entrepreneur

· Founder and former owner/operator of Big Auto Sales

· Former executive assistant at Worcester Sand and Gravel

· Former acting Registrar of Florida Atlantic University

· Student at Florida Atlantic University

· Former project Manager at American Express

· Founder and former owner/operator of Big Limousine

· Founder and former owner/operator of Woodstock Adventures

· Founder and former owner/operator of Trotto Limousine and Tour

· Founder and former owner/operator of American Presidential Limousine

· Founder of  San Diego Alliance for Homeless Youth & Families

· Founder and former president of Supporters of Worcester Area GLBTQ Youth

· Founder & former president of SDAGLY (San Diego GLBTQ Youth)

· Founder & former president of FLAGLY (Fort Lauderdale GLBTQ Youth)

· Founder and former president of PAGLY (Phoenix GLBTQ Youth)

· President of the Class of 1983

· Youth Campaign Recruiter & Trainer

· Volunteer for the Friends of Glavin

· Youth Campaign Volunteer at Mike Trotto for Governors Council

· Youth Campaign Volunteer at Mike Trotto for Selectman

· Born and raised in Shrewsbury

As you can see, I have experience in business, local government, volunteering,  politics, and community organizations. If you've read my bio, you know that I have had many challenges that I've had to overcome. I’ve also owned and operated four businesses and am the founder of many organizations. When you first start a business, the owner/operator often plays a lot of roles in managing it. Unless you’re purchasing an already existing company, you must first create an extremely detailed business plan that includes creating a cash flow analysis. You must know what your potential sales, expenses, and profit margin will be. You must know a lot about risk, many types of insurance, and finding investors and/or capital. You must know a lot about your closest competitors and whether you can compete with them and succeed. You must know how to do payroll, pay businesses taxes, and play the role of book keeper, secretary, sales manager, office manager, employee trainer,  and purchasing agent.  You also must be self-motivated and have enough energy and stamina to work a lot of hours. You must do a lot of the same things when you start an organization or charity as well. I’ve done all those things.

I didn’t move to Shrewsbury from another community. I was born and raised here, and my family has had deep roots in this town for over a century. Five relatives of mine have been Shrewsbury Selectmen and many others have served on the finance committee, Housing Authority, and as town meeting members. I am currently a Shrewsbury town meeting member from precinct 8. I have founded and volunteered for dozens of important organizations for almost as long as I’ve been alive. I’ve been a part of dozens and dozens of local, state, and federal campaigns since I was a very young boy. I’ve served as a campaign manager and have done everything there is to do in a political campaign. Perhaps, most importantly, I have empathy flowing through my veins.

I genuinely care about people from all walks of life regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political party, financial standing, or history. If you don’t have a lot of empathy for others, you cannot be a truly successful person or candidate. Being rich, powerful, or well known, does not make a person successful. You have to spend time helping others. I’ve done a lot of work for many communities and will continue to do so. When it comes down to it, we’re all brothers and sisters and when I know that your child is hurting, I am hurting. When I know that your heart is aching, so is mine. To sum things up, I have all the qualifications, skills, experience, life history, and judgment to be a successful town leader. I want to make Shrewsbury an even better place to live than it already is and If you think that I’m the leader who you want to see as your new selectman, I would greatly appreciate your support over the two months, as well as your vote on May 7th. Even if you’re not going to vote for me, please vote. It's our civic duty and we need to have a higher turnout in our elections.